A rural

holiday in the heart

of Apulia

A stay in the natural
of the Itria Valley

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Masseria in Martina Franca

Nestled in the splendid Itria Valley in the heart of Apulia – between the Salento peninsula and the Murgia plateau – Masseria Santalachicca is a typical trulli farmhouse dating back to the 18th century, and it’s ready to offer a relaxing stay in the quietness of the Apulia countryside.

Our apartments are right within the trulli of the ancient farmhouse. They have been renovated with the purpose of offering our guests an authentic experience of the peasant life that used to be slow-paced and take place among cones of stone and white lime.

Each space was taken care of, to preserve the historic charm of the building while offering full modern comfort.


Treat yourself to a diversion dedicated to your time

in the heart of Apulia

If you wish to travel more slowly and get the full experience of enjoying the natural pleasures of life – from tasty food to walks in the woods, from relaxing on the beach to discovering the history, art and traditions of ancient villages – a stay in our Masseria in Martina Franca will be perfect for you.

This is the ideal place to forget all your thoughts and find shelter among the sounds and the splendid colours of the Apulian countryside. You will thus be able to immerse yourself in the local peasant culture, taste traditional products (like bombette meat rolls, and capocollo cured meat speciality from Martina Franca), and discover the natural and cultural beauty of Apulia.

At Masseria Santalachicca you will be surrounded by every nuance of green and brown from the oak and holm-oak woods, and yellow from the wheat fields. The sweet scent of freshly cut hay and wild flowers will enchant you. The warm taste of late-summer figs and the produce of the land from our generous vegetable garden will surprise you. You can taste them step by step while walking through the path that runs along the wood and the fields protected by the old dry stone walls.

Whether it is for a short getaway in search of relax or a longer holiday to explore the region, a stay at our farmhouse will offer you unforgettable memories and a genuine Apulia experience of ancient and deep emotions lifting up your soul.

Treat yourself to a diversion dedicated to your time in the heart of Apulia