The typical terrace called Aia is a distinctive element of the Apulian Masseria architecture. It is a sort of small square that is usually elevated at least a metre from the ground. This terrace is where the wheat harvested from the property used to be ‘beaten’. After the harvest, indeed, the wheat crop was laid out to dry in the sun on the Aia terrace. Then, it was pitched into the air with pitchforks to make the bran be blown away from the wheat grains. The grains would then fall on the terrace again and would be collected and stored for the winter.

The Aia used to be a central place in the Masseria, and it keeps its ancestral and evocative charm. It’s right here that we suggest you take a seat at sunset, accompanied by an Apulian aperitif. You will treat yourself to a precious memory to take home with you.

Duration: 90 minuti